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Friday, May 27, 2011

Sharing your handmade crafts.

When someone remarked to me, "I think that is too much money to pay for just yarn", I said "Of course, but I don't charge for the yarn. In fact I will give you the yarn, lend you the pattern and hook and you can make your own." The usual reply is, "Oh no, I can't do that ?" When I ask "Why not" I am often told, I don't know how and/or I don't have time. Then I replied "Now you know, exactly what you are paying for, which is my time and my talent."

Potential Buyers, should be aware that beautiful hand crafted items require not only supplies, they require talent and many, many hours of hard work. Those hours are part of the artist's life that are spent and can never be gotten back. Please don't devalue that talented person by complaining over the price. Ask yourself this question, "How much money is an hour of my life worth?"   Many persons work outside jobs lasting 40 hours a week. An artist working at home often puts in many more hours than that.   So exactly how much money is 40 hours of your life worth ? 

I gift and/or donate many things but I have learned over the years, even if you craft mostly for fun or relaxation, in order just to earn enough money to maintain your supplies you must charge your friends and family for their "special requests". We all know how it goes. You make it, someone sees it and everyone says, "Oh, I want one of those." We want to make one for everyone and in the exact color they need, right? I also know we all feel badly about accepting money from friends and family, But remember you must charge your family and friends because your enemies will not buy from you.

Having made several feeble attempts at trying to write crochet patterns, I have come to realize this is also a talent and we should remember in order not to cheat someone of their due, never share copyrighted patterns.

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