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Sunday, March 24, 2013

So Why Sew ?

Red Heart Super Saver
Everybody hates granny squares ? I know I do. Ok, well I confess, I don't really hate the squares. In fact I have a long standing affection and respect for the quick, easy, inexpensive, humble Granny Square. It is without a doubt one of, if not, the most extensively used and versatile units of crochet.

In modern crochet Granny Squares can be made in any size and a variety of, not so square, shapes have been developed that still retain the versatility of the Granny Square unit. Squares can be joined together and can be used to create a seemingly endless array of any number of unique items.

Granny Squares are probably the easiest, most wonderful, versatile way that I know to use up orphan yarn and small scraps, resulting in the creation of something useful, unique and beautiful. So what is this love / hate relationship all about? Making the squares is easy sure, but making something with the squares not so easy. Over they years I, like so very many others, have dreaded the ritual “joining of the squares” like the plague.

Also over the years I have tried all, and I mean each and every method, I ever heard of to connect then and at last I have finally found the solution to the agony of joining squares. Quick, easy and only two yarn ends, the beginning and the end. 

You owe it to yourself to try this. Trust me on this one. 

It is called the continuous Join method and You Tube has an amazing
2 part tutorial on exactly how to do it.  Here are both links:



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W.I.P's Causes and Completion
Seems like I always have a bunch of W.I.P's 
(works in progress) sitting around.
Completed 11/10/2014
     Some projects are "controlled" sort of, like the stacks of Granny Square's patiently waiting the accumulation of enough similar companions to be joined into something useful.
     Sometimes I have several types of Granny Squares piling up, refusing to count the different styles as additional W.I.P's. I just classify the whole batch as one.
So the box stitch squares, the standard squares, the flower squares and the lace squares do not really have an individual identity until they're incorporated into a working project. Might be cheating a bit but it makes me feel like I am not so far behind as I thought I was.
  35 Squares pattern
Completed 04/04/2013
Some are because I keep a carrier of small projects handy to carry with me when I must spend time sitting, waiting to keep an appointment, traveling, baby sitting etc...........
this was just too plain
Completed 06/10/2013

Some are because, in spite of my addiction, I do occasionally develop burn out on some labor intensive projects, so they get retired until I have an attitude adjustment.

This is Cordelia
16 oz Rose Tweed mystery yarn from the bargain bin
12 oz Caron Simply Soft for both Afghan and Pillow

Cordelia - Completed 03/29/2013
Afghan and matching Pillow
Pillow form required
Some, but not very many, are sitting because they are not turning out the way I expected. If I hate it I just can't seem to continue working on it until I find a way to fix it or frog it.
Hated color run Frogged progect
Flower pattern
 Re-purposed yarn  06/03/2012
Some are simply because my hands simply cannot keep up with the ideas that dash around in my head each time I pick up a new color or texture of yarn. Seems like I just have to run a few stitches, maybe to just get the feel of it.   Sometimes those few stitches drives me through to the end at the total neglect of the current project on hand. 
Then, whoops, just created another W.I.P.

How many W.I.P's are lurking in your stash?
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