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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Delaney's Pink Perfection

Afghan Schematics are for those who already have some experience in crochet.
The afghans were all made using a Basic Round Ripple afghan pattern.
The variations of each afghan is listed in the "Afghan Schematics"
found on the individual photo page of each afghan.

This post show the photos and lists the materials used for this afghan and
also a description or "Schematic" of how it was created.

If you are new to this style afghan please read my page
Tips and Tricks of the Round Ripple Afghan.

The basic Round Ripple Afghan pattern
Written in American terminology

Delaney's Pink Perfection

Materials for Delaney's Pink Perfection Set
2 skeins Bernat Baby Coordinates 5.6 oz skein, baby pink or color of choice
2 skeins Bernat Baby Coordinates 5.6 ox skein, white or color of choice
Small amouts baby yarn for trim on hat (colors of your choice).
Susan Bates size I hook

NOTE: Make hat first, then use the rest of the yarn for the blanket.

Using the Basic Round Ripple Afghan pattern, 
work rounds with increase and decrease as directed

Rounds  1 - 12 double crochet each row. 

Round         13 Popcorn stitch (use 4dc to form each popcorn st) popcorn st, in starting dc, *(double crochet in next dc, popcorn st in next dc,) around, working *popcorn st, ch 2, popcorn st,* in every point. 

Rounds 14 - 26 double crochet in each st

Round          27 work same as row 13

Rounds 28 - 32 double crochet in each st

Round    32 *(double crochet, picot, double crochet in same st, sk 1 st,) around.

Basic hat pattern (or use hat pattern of your choice)

This is a version in greens with a plain border that could be considered appropriate for a boy.  
Use the same materials and Schematic except for the colors and the  border 
which is a round of Popcorn stitches followed by a round of double crochet
Spring Green
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