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Monday, November 10, 2014

Green Theme for Melissa

This is a stash buster so the exact amount of yarn required is unknown.  But since this yarn is usually readily available Pattern can be made larger if desired or I have added a link for a round ripple pillow

Red Heart Super Saver Yarn
14 oz  Aran   E300  0313  (color A)
07 oz  Honeydew E300  0668  (color B)
14 oz  Paddy Green E300  0368   (color C)

If you are new to round ripple afghans this is a link for tips before you start.
Following direction for the Basic Round Ripple Afghan
This pattern is worked mainly with Double Crochet stitches and single random Popcorn stitches as desired for effect.

On Round 5 I inserted the first of the random popcorn stitches in the points of the round as follows working basic pattern  (* double crochet to point, work Popcorn, ch 2, Popcorn, double crochet to bottom, continue around,)  join.

Starting on row 13 I  worked the random popcorn stitches in every third round and I did balance the popcorn stitches so each point would look the same.  If you double click the photo on the blog  it will enlarge on a new tab so you can examine it closely

Work Rounds 1 through 10 with color A
Rounds 11-12-13 with color B
Rounds 14-15-16 color C
Rounds 17 though 27 with color A
Rounds 28-29-30 with color C
Rounds 31-32-33 with color B
Round 34 work in Single Crochet with Color A
Rounds 35 through 40 with Color C
When your afghan is as large as you want a simple “V” stitch border can be worked
This afghan has 4 rounds of “V” stitches with the last round topped with a picot stitch

Border Pattern Stitch   double crochet, chain 1, dc in same space.  “V” stitch made

Final Round Picot stitch:  Double crochet, chain 3, slip st in first chain, dc in same stitch = "V" st with picot.

You will be working (“V” stitch, ch 3, “V” stitch) in the points so you should count backward from the point to the bottom to determine your starting stitch.  You will be skipping at least 2 stitches as the bottom as the basic pattern requires. 

Round 1  Sl st into designated stitch, ch 4, dc in same space, first “V” st,  (*sk 1  stitch, “V” st in next st to point* )  Work “V” st, chain 3  “V” st  in point, work pattern stitch to bottom of point and skip number of stitches needed to keep sides even.  Work around, join to third chain of beginning chain 4.  (You will need the extra stitches in the points to keep the pattern flat)

Round 2: Sl st into center of the “V” stitch, ch 4, dc in same space,  “V” st in the center of each “V” st  to the point,  For the point work “V” st, in the existing “V” ;   “V” st chain 3,  “V” st  in the 3 chain space, “V” st in the 2nd existing “V” st  all in the same point, work around, join

Repeat Round 2 till you have the width you want up to the last round .

Final round  Work "V" st with picot st, in the center of each “V” st of the previous row, working  (dc, picot, dc, picot, dc, picot, dc)  in the center 3 chain space of each point.

Retro Round Ripple Pillow Pattern  


Friday, July 25, 2014

Spiral Shawl

This is one of my favorite shawls. I found my pattern in a magazine in the early 80’s and made my ‘first Spiral Shawl.
             IMG_4930                   IMG_4932
               PINWHEEL SHAWL Photo
The original shawl in the magazine was made with Bernat Berella yarn and a size F-4 hook. I made the shawl with Red Heart yarn, in white like the photo, using Red Heart WW yarn and a size I-9 Susan Bates hook. Even after all these years and many bouts with the washer and dryer it is still in service.

This spring I decided it was time to make something for myself and I recreated the shawl in Red Heart Super Saver “Honeydew” also with a Susan Bates size I-9 hook.

Each time I wear it it draws a lot of attention and many ask me where they can get the pattern.

This shawl requires about 20 oz  of Worsted Weight yarn, perhaps less if you opt for a different border and is very easy to make.

There are only 3 large spiral motif’s.  They are joined on each side, with a short almost invisible overcast seam, to form the shoulders.   The way it is designed the shawl curves slightly so it is not constantly slipping off.
IMG_4931It has a net border of simple chain stitch loops that are topped off with a luxurious deep fringe.  I absolutely adore fringe but for those who don’t, almost any border could be adapted.

     When I wash a shawl with fringe, instead of putting it in the dryer, I hang it over the shower curtain rod to dry.  Then while it is still damp, I use an ordinary hair pic to comb out the fringe.

Ufortunately this is NOT my pattern so the pattern is not on this blog.  BUT……..
I also know the magazine where I found my pattern must be out of print by now and although many have asked me for the pattern I cannot share my copy because of the copyright laws. 
I have no idea how the current owner of the pattern acquired permission to post it but I decided to post her link for those who wish to make this shawl.
As of this writing her pattern is being offered for free.  The source for this pattern is here: 

Please note this link is to an off-site location that I am not affiliated with.