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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Retro Round Ripple Pillow

This is not a new pattern but with the growing popularity of the Round Ripple Afghan it seemed only natural to revive this cute little Round Ripple Pillow

I do not have a photo workshop on this project yet but I do plan to add one as soon as possible.  Meanwhile I have posted, to the best of my memory, how we used to make them back in the 60's.  I have gone to excessive lengths to explain how I have created this one and this pattern is functional but since this is the first time I have made one in many, many years I may tweak the pattern a bit from time to time as my memory improves.  Sometimes, as a make a few more I find a better way.

Pattern can be found here

Monday, August 27, 2012

Mommy An Me

Afghan Schematics are for those who already have some experience in crochet.
The afghans were all made using a Basic Round Ripple afghan pattern.
The variations of each afghan is listed in the "Afghan Schematics"
found on the individual photo page of each afghan.
This post show the photos and lists the materials used for this afghan and 
also a description or "Schematic" of how it was created.
If you are new to this style afghan please read my page
Tips and Tricks of the Round Ripple Afghan.
The basic Round Ripple Afghan pattern
Written in American terminology 

These afghans are what I call Mommy and Me afghans. All "Mommy and Me" afghans are about 40 inches in diameter and large enough for Mommy and Baby to snuggle under during those late night feedings.
They are also large enough to still be useful after your little one is not so little anymore.  I stopped making baby blankets "newborn size" when a friend asked me if I could put 4 tiny newborn size blankets together to make them into one large enough to still be useful.
Twins Reflections
After deciding to make afghans for the gorgeous new twins in our neighborhood I decided I wanted to make them alike but still individual.  
So I decided to make one a mirror image of the other and I am delighted with the results.  
I used the basic round ripple pattern and a "V" stitch with picot border.  
If I had it to do over again, I would work a 3 row border instead of just two.

These afghans are actually a wonderful peach color and I hate how the computer distorts it but I don't know how to correct that problem.
I started this set with Lion Brand yarn I already had in my stash.  I purchased the Caron yarn later and I had so much yarn left over I created a third afghan.  If you scroll down it can be viewed on the previous post titled "How to Fold a Round Afghan.".

Baby weight yarn, size I / 9 hook working all rounds in Double Crochet.
1 skein Peach Color A Lion Brand "Pound of Love"
1 skein White Color B  Lion Brand "Pound of Love"
1 skein 06 oz Caron Sweet and Sunny Color C
Rounds    1  -   8 Color A
Rounds    8  - 12 Color B
Rounds   13 - 15 Color A
Rounds   16 - 18 Color B
Rounds   19 - 24 Color A
Rounds   25 - 27 Color B
Rounds   28 - 30 Color A

Note: On these afghans I  worked a simple 2 round border.
Round 31 and the Final round,

BORDER PATTERN:  Color of  Your Choice
Round 31  Join Color C,  Work (V stitch, skip one st, V stitch in next st); around, working 1 V stitch in the chain 2 center space of all points.

Round 32  below is written for anyone who may wish to have a deeper border.  Round 32 may be worked as many times as desired.

Round 32  Join Color C,  Work (V stitch, skip one st, V stitch in next st); around, working (1 V stitch, ch 2, 1 V stitch) in the chain 2 center space of all points.
Final Round  Work (dc, picot in top of same dc , dc) in the center of each V stitch around, working   (dc, picot, dc, picot, dc, picot, dc)  in the 2 chain space of each point.

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How To Fold A Round Afghan

This afghan "Sun Kissed Peach" was an experiment. A close look will reveal the alternating 6 "points" are a different width. I started with 6 points and added the remaining 6 points on about the 8th row. It does not have enough definition of the width difference to be a feature and I was unhappy with that fact. But is still a lovely soft afghan and I shall not "frog" it as I am sure it will find a wonderful loving home but I will not repeat this afghan.
Sun Kissed Peach
As for how to fold a round afghan, ripple or otherwise, simple for some perhaps a dilemma for others. I have been asked many times, just how do you fold those round type afghans into a square? Well, lets face it, since it is round turning it into a square has to be carefully engineered and can be rather difficult but if you are willing to settle for "squarish" follow the steps below.

1 fold afghan in half matching points
2 fold left side over the center
3 fold right side over the left, afghans is now in thirds
4 fold top down
5 view of other side.

This afghan can be made using the basic round ripple afghan pattern found on this blog and following the sequence listed below.  All points will be the same width.  It is about 52 inches in diameter. 
   Basic Round Ripple Afghan

Sun Kissed Peach
Bernet Baby Coordinates
1 skein white
2 skeins peach
2 skeins Variegated peach.
Size I - 9 hook

Rounds 1 -10  White
Rounds 11 - 13  Variegated peach
Round  14  White
Rounds 15 -  29 Peach
Round  30 White

Border:  Variegated peach
Rounds 30 - 33 "V" st,  *(dc, ch 1, dc, sk 1 st) around
Round  34  "V st with picot"  *(dc, picot, dc, sk 1 st,) around.

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