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Friday, November 4, 2011

Screaming Yellow Zonkers

Afghan Schematics are for those who already have some experience in crochet.
The afghans were all made using a Basic Round Ripple afghan pattern.
The variations of each afghan is listed in the "Afghan Schematics"
found on the individual photo page of each afghan.

This post show the photos and lists the materials used for this afghan and 
also a description or "Schematic" of how it was created.

If you are new to this style afghan please read my page
Tips and Tricks of the Round Ripple Afghan.

The basic Round Ripple Afghan pattern

Written in American terminology 

This afghan was donated to a local church to be used for a raffle.
Screaming Yellow Zonkers

Materials:  Red Heart Super Saver
10 oz Pale yellow  (color A)
  7 oz Red             (color B) 
  7 oz Cornmeal    (color C)
less than 4 oz each  Sunshine Print, White,  Bright yellow

Special Stitches:       
Berry Stitch = Sc in first stitch, pull loop through next stitch, holding back on first loop on hook chain 3, yarn over pull through 2 loops on hook, sc in next stitch. (Berry Stitch Complete)

Double Crossed stitch tutorial:  http://crochet.about.com/library/blcrosseddc.htm

Skip Stitch:  *(dc in frist stitch, ch 1, sk next st, dc in next st, sk next st)

Afghan Schematics: 
Round     1 - 18: Double Crochet   Color A
Round          19: Berry stitch          Sunshine print 
Round          20: Double Crochet   White
Round          21: Skip Stitch            Red
Round   22 - 24  dc Crossed Stitch Color C 
Round          25: Skip Stitch            Red
Round          26: Double Crochet    White
Round          27: Berry Stitch          Sunshine Print
Round   28 - 30: Double Crochet    Color A
Round   31 - 32: Berry Stitch          Red
Round          33: Double Crochet    White
Round          34: DC Crossed Stitch Bright Yellow
Round          35: Double Crochet     White
Round   36 - 37: Berry Stitch        Red
Round   38 - 39:  Crossed stitch    Color C

Border  Single Crochet in each st around

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