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Friday, December 14, 2012

How Many Stitches ?

In a forum I visited recently
I found a question that intrigued me. 
" How many stitches can you complete in 1 minute ? "
So I took the time to consider the
variables to really measure speed. 
Knit or Crochet,
Yarn: type / weight,
Stitch: Type  / Pattern,
Duration:  Time needed for accuracy
(“Remember the legend of "John Henry")
I have a friend who teaches the art of crochet and
she tells everyone I crochet with amazing speed. 
Faster than anyone she has ever known. 
But no matter how many projects I complete,
like the old Pennsylvania Dutch saying,
"The hurrier I go, the behinder I get".
I never checked my speed. 
I just check the need
I always see dozens of wants,
needs and special projects waiting for me.  
So I won't check my speed
I’ll just keep doing what I do. 
It is not how fast I crochet,
it is the fact that I can crochet at any speed
and I pray I will be able to crochet
and share the love till the end of my time.



  1. I haven't really checked speed myself, but I do remember an afghan that I checked to see how long it took me to complete a row and then I tried to make sure I spent no more time than that on a row so that I could get it finished. It was about the 7th of that pattern that I had done that year and I was getting tired of doing it.

    I also remember 2 episodes in my 20's - 1 where a man said I was crocheting to the beat of the country music that my uncle had playing and another where 2 aunts put their crocheting down & were just watching me crochet - they said I was going twice as fast as they were.

    1. I am retired so I have lots of time to crochet. My theory is if you don't have time to do it right you sure don't have time to do it over.
      I crochet slow enough to get it right but fast enough to "Git Er Done" A rather tenacious person I believe begun is synonymous with done. I crochet anywhere I have to sit and wait, so if I am sitting I have a hook in my hand.
      I understand crocheting to the "beat" I used to do my ironing that way. (Does anyone still iron ?) I watch TV with my ears, and keep both eyes on my crochet project. When I was a kid, there was NO TV. We did our crafts while listening to the radio. I can turn out about 1 full size afghan a week or usually about 3 afghans a month as well as a variety of smaller items like hats, scarves, bags, mittens trivets,etc....... I waste NO yarn so I also have a basket that I fill with granny squares. When I get enough I create an afghan that I call a freebie cause all I had to do was crochet it together. Thank you for your comment Dorie