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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Delaney's Pink Perfection

Afghan Schematics are for those who have some experience in crochet.
The afghans were all made using a Basic Round Ripple afghan pattern.
The variations of each afghan is listed in the "Afghan Schematics"
found on the individual photo page of each afghan.  This post shows the photos and lists the materials used for this afghan and also a description or "Schematic" of how it was created.

If you are new to this style afghan please read my page
Tips and Tricks of the Round Ripple Afghan.

The basic Round Ripple Afghan pattern
Written in American terminology

Delaney's Pink Perfection

Materials for Delaney's Pink Perfection Set
2 skeins Bernat Baby Coordinates 5.6 oz skein, baby pink or color of choice
2 skeins Bernat Baby Coordinates 5.6 ox skein, white or color of choice
Small amouts baby yarn for trim on hat (colors of your choice).
Susan Bates size I hook

NOTE: Make hat first, then use the rest of the yarn for the blanket.  When you run out of yarn you are finished.

Using the Basic Round Ripple Afghan pattern, 
work rounds with increase and decrease as directed

Rounds  1 - 12 double crochet each row. 

Round         13 Popcorn stitch (use 4dc to form each popcorn st) popcorn st, in starting dc, *(double crochet in next dc, popcorn st in next dc,) around, working *popcorn st, ch 2, popcorn st,* in every point. 

Rounds 14 - 26 double crochet in each st

Round          27 work same as row 13

Rounds 28 - 32 double crochet in each st

Round    32 *(double crochet, picot, double crochet in same st, sk 1 st,) around.

Basic hat pattern (or use hat pattern of your choice)

This is a version in greens with a plain border that could be considered appropriate for a boy.   Use the same materials and Schematic except for the colors and the  border which is a round of Popcorn stitches followed by a round of double crochet.  You may wish to change it up a bit.  Add a third round of double crochet if you have enough yarn.  Or work 1 round dc, 1 round with the popcorn pattern and a third round in double crochet.  I will caution if you work the popcorn sequence as the very last round it will tend to curl under.  The one time I did that, I ended up using two popcorn rounds to make it lay flat.  It looked really lovely but all those popcorn stitches, when I wanted to be finished... I found them a bit tedious.  
Spring Green

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  1. Wow, your design, sense of color and texture are stunning to say the least. It's amazing that you give most of your work as gifts. The craftswomanship is absolutely beautiful!


    1. That is so pretty. I was looking for a pattern for a customer and landed on your page. She will love this.

    2. Thank you, if you have the time and the yarn, for a really luxurious look, widen the border. Check the archive for the post, "How to Fold a Round Afghan" or "Mommy and Me" both in Aug 2012

    3. Thank you so very much for sharing these beautiful patterns. This is very generous of you. I know some expecting mom will love this baby afghan. These are very unique. Thank you again.

    4. You are very welcome. All I am trying to do is post a basic pattern and then post photos of some I have made that others can copy them or even better yet inspire everyone that they can choose their own colors and crochet stitches to create a design style of their own. I hope you have fun with it.

    5. These afghans are simply beautiful. This is very generous of you to share your patterns. I printed the pattern for the pink afghan. Thank you so very much. I know someone will really love this for a gift.

    6. So glad you like it. Use the basic pattern and your stash to create one of a kind special afghans. I know they will be wonderful. If you read the tips and tricks page it will tell you how.

  2. Row 27 of this pattern says "work same as row 11" Is this correct or should it be row 13?

    1. Corrections applied. Thank you so much for your help.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing all of your beautiful afghans and patterns. You must make great use of your time to create so many beautiful items. I don't think I could have made it thru raising five kids if I hadn't had the relaxation and benefits of crocheting. Your colors and imagination stir up my ambition to continue on, as I now have twelve grandkids, and six great grandkids, so, I always had a need to create another afghan. Thank you again, you are truly a creative and generous person.

  4. Thank you for your lovely complements. I am retired so I have extra time. My patterns are basic, I leave it up to the individual artist to take my suggestions to create individual items to match the personality of the receiver. Bless you and yours. Dorie

  5. I'm working on my 3rd round afghan now and each one has come out just like it's supposed to, thanks to your very easy to follow directions. Thank you for getting me through a difficult winter. Some of my family members will be happy next Christmas. Thank you again for your beautiful creations.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to let me know. I love to share. Perhaps it's time to create one in your own style. I am sure it would be amazing.
      Thank you for visiting.

    2. I so love this pattern! Just a few changes makes it so different each time. Thanks again for an awesome pattern.