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Monday, August 27, 2012

How To Fold A Round Afghan

This afghan "Sun Kissed Peach" was an experiment. A close look will reveal the alternating 6 "points" are a different width. I started with 6 points and added the remaining 6 points on about the 8th row. It does not have enough definition of the width difference to be a feature and I was unhappy with that fact. But is still a lovely soft afghan and I shall not "frog" it as I am sure it will find a wonderful loving home but I will not repeat this afghan.
Sun Kissed Peach
As for how to fold a round afghan, ripple or otherwise, simple for some perhaps a dilemma for others. I have been asked many times, just how do you fold those round type afghans into a square? Well, lets face it, since it is round turning it into a square has to be carefully engineered and can be rather difficult but if you are willing to settle for "squarish" follow the steps below.

1 fold afghan in half matching points
2 fold left side over the center
3 fold right side over the left, afghans is now in thirds
4 fold top down
5 view of other side.

This afghan can be made using the basic round ripple afghan pattern found on this blog and following the sequence listed below.  All points will be the same width.  It is about 52 inches in diameter. 
   Basic Round Ripple Afghan

Sun Kissed Peach
Bernet Baby Coordinates
1 skein white
2 skeins peach
2 skeins Variegated peach.
Size I - 9 hook

Rounds 1 -10  White
Rounds 11 - 13  Variegated peach
Round  14  White
Rounds 15 -  29 Peach
Round  30 White

Border:  Variegated peach
Rounds 30 - 33 "V" st,  *(dc, ch 1, dc, sk 1 st) around
Round  34  "V st with picot"  *(dc, picot, dc, sk 1 st,) around.

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  1. Thank you this was so easy!

  2. Thank you this was so helpful and so easy!

    1. You are welcome. I figured it out when I had to wrap one for a gift and did not know how to get it into a box. Now I store my round afghans folded this way in large plastic bags. Thanks for your comment Dorie