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Monday, December 31, 2012

Necks and Noggins

I try to be an equal opportunity crafter but I am NOT a knitter.  I just do not have the patience. Oh the knitting is fine, it is the trying to correct it when I make a mistake, oh so many mistakes.  Yes. I make mistakes crocheting too but the fix for crochet is almost too easy, just grab the working end of the yarn and yank it out then do over.

However I do love my toys and have acquired many yarn crafting tools and gadgets over the years among them a set of round Knifty Knitter looms and I play with them from time to time.  Scarves are large this year or so I have been told and I made several for Christmas Gifts and one for a birthday yet to come (shhhhhh quiet on that item I'll try to post it later)

There are many types of patterns posted for the Knifty Knitters but I did not use a pattern, I just made a simple tube. Here it is, the model is one of my 5 gorgeous niece's.  Like any proud Auntie, I think she makes the set look too cute.  It is pretty, warm, fuzzy, washable, dryer friendly, and
very wearable so what is not to like?  

This is a list of the exact materials I used but there are several types of fun fur and many brands of yarn to chose from.   

You will need a Knitting Loom and the basic knowledge of how to use it.   Very easy to learn and "You Tube" has lots of knitting loom lessons.

I used the small blue Knifty Knitter.
3 (1.5 oz) skeins Lion Brand Fun Fur
I used Cotton Candy Stripes 

Article: #320-300 UPC: 023032323008
It also comes in solids (Wal-Mart is the least expensive place to get this)

Red Heart Super Saver 1 (7 oz skein) 706 - Perfect Pink or color of your choice for the scarf and the hat.

Ripple Hat and Scarf Crochet Pattern Project Number: LW1471  Designed By: Mary Jane Protus Skill Level: Easy. A Free Pattern on the Red Heart Website 

(I only used the hat pattern for this project.)

Holding 1 strand of the Fun Fur and 1 strand of the Super Saver Yarn together attach to loom. Wrap and knit each round to form a long tube. Tie on another skein of fun fur as each skein runs out making sure the loose ends are on the inside of the tube. Work to desired length or until the fun fur is used up. End off as per Knifty Knitter directions. Gather stitches and close both ends.  Make a pom-pom for each end and stitch in place.

Use the remainder of Super Saver yarn to create the hat portion of the Red Heart Pattern.  I did not use the fun fur on the hat for 2 reasons, because I was worried that what might feel cozy around my neck might feel itchy around my face. Also I wanted the hat to be a separate entity that could be used alone or with another scarf that had been worked with the coordinating colors.  

It is my habit to make every hat to match two different scarfs because I find, with the ladies, that scarfs seem to be worn more often than hats. 

I did not put a pom-pom on the hat but one could be added. Also a matter of personal choice.

This is the same style scarf paired with the Basic Earflap hat pattern that can be found on this site.

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