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Sunday, March 24, 2013

So Why Sew ?

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Everybody hates granny squares ? I know I do. Ok, well I confess, I don't really hate the squares. In fact I have a long standing affection and respect for the quick, easy, inexpensive, humble Granny Square. It is without a doubt one of, if not, the most extensively used and versatile units of crochet.

In modern crochet Granny Squares can be made in any size and a variety of, not so square, shapes have been developed that still retain the versatility of the Granny Square unit. Squares can be joined together and can be used to create a seemingly endless array of any number of unique items.

Granny Squares are probably the easiest, most wonderful, versatile way that I know to use up orphan yarn and small scraps, resulting in the creation of something useful, unique and beautiful. So what is this love / hate relationship all about? Making the squares is easy sure, but making something with the squares not so easy. Over they years I, like so very many others, have dreaded the ritual “joining of the squares” like the plague.

Also over the years I have tried all, and I mean each and every method, I ever heard of to connect then and at last I have finally found the solution to the agony of joining squares. Quick, easy and only two yarn ends, the beginning and the end. 

You owe it to yourself to try this. Trust me on this one. 

It is called the continuous Join method and You Tube has an amazing
2 part tutorial on exactly how to do it.  Here are both links:



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  1. These granny blankets are just stunning... Great colours .. The joining method on the first is lacy and so sweet..
    thankyou for the link :))

    1. I have been swinging a hook for over 56 years now and I thought I knew a lot about crochet. However life is a learning process and since the birth of the internet I have not only reviewed what I already knew, but I have seen so many incredible examples of what can be done that I am amazed. This method of joining is truly the best I have found and I wanted to share the link with the world. Thank you for your visit and lovely complement

  2. I am definitely going to watch this. I made a bunch of hexagons for an afghan for my daughter. They are currently sitting in a big basket because I'm dreading stitching them all together. Sigh. The hexagons were fun to make though!

    1. I am still rather new at this method and I never tried it with hexagons but I am sure with a bit of planning it could be done. Perhaps you have provided me with my next challenge. Just a “heads up” I rarely plan my afghans but when you are making a pre-planned afghan it is often wise to use the join as you go method. You still have to deal with the yarn tails but at least when you are finished you are finished and don’t have a huge pile of blocks staring you in the face. Thank you for your visit.

  3. Saw your post on KP. Thanks for posting there! These afghans are so pretty.I may have to give crochet another try!

    1. Thank you for your comment. Sometimes I worry I may seem pushy but I do so love to share.

  4. I love to crochet Granny Squares & sew together I guess I have the time. Am starting again (OA in hands BAD) off for few years. CT friends are doing them & your site was mentioned. Thank you all the squares are lovely * colours Im anxious to do it again.

    1. My love / hate relationship with granny squares goes back over 55 years. I hate knots in my afghans and I really hated sewing squares together. I am a very intense person and could not deal with all those knots, all those yarn tails and all that time. Now with the Continuous Join method granny squares are a breeze. Thank you for your note