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Sunday, March 24, 2013


 Seems like I always have a bunch of W.I.P's (works in progress) sitting around. 
Some projects are sort of controlled like the stacks of Granny Square's patiently waiting the accumulation of enough similar companions to be joined into something useful.

Sometimes I have several different types of Granny Squares piling up but I refuse to count the different styles as additional W.I.P's.  I just classify the whole batch as one.
So the box stitch squares, the standard squares and the flower squares do not really have an identity until they are incorporated into a working project.  Might be cheating a bit but it makes me feel like I am not so far behind as I thought I was.
Some are because I keep a carrier of small projects handy to carry with me when I must spend time sitting, waiting to keep an appointment, traveling, baby sitting etc...........

Too Plain / Re-work needed

Completed 06/10/2013

Some are because, in spite of my addiction, I do occasionally develop burn out on some labor intensive projects, so they get retired until I have an attitude adjustment.
16 oz Rose / 12 oz Caron Simply Soft for both Afghan and Pillow

Cordelia - Completed 03/29/2013
Afghan and matching Pillow
Pillow form required
 Some, but not very many, are sitting because they are not turning out the way I expected.  If I hate it I just can't seem to continue working on it until I find a way to fix it or frog it.

Frogged  05/08/2013  Yarn re-purposed

 Re-purposed yarn  06/03/2012
Some are simply because my hands simply cannot keep up with the ideas that dash around in my head each time I pick up a new color or texture of yarn. Seems like I just have to run a few stitches, maybe to just get the feel of it.   Sometimes those few stitches drives me through to the end at the total neglect of the current project on hand. 
Then, whoops, just created another W.I.P.
How many W.I.P's are lurking in your stash?


  1. I hate having too many WIP's I also will actually put aside if its not coming out as I planned and its dissapointing. So I will probably pull it apart and start again. I have 3 wips right now and one is also a round ripple my favorite!

    1. Round Ripple is my favorite also. Note that three of the five W.I.P.’s on the page are round ripple. I always have at least one in the works. I hope to finish these soon and post the finished photos. I just finished off three and there are the ones I still have left.